About Us

Who are we ?

Originally the company is based in Berlin – Germany. In 2002 the founders opened office in Beijing, to develope the concept of energy efficient and healthy buildings there. Soon a Hong Kong branch started to operate as well, and after 3 succesful years, the jump to Taipei was made.

A new challenge; integrating noth-west European methods with the local ones, adapting to the needs of the subtropical climate and different culture.

However, in Holland -home country of Purple Leaf – Taiwan’s manager- the average relative humidity level through the year is between 74% and 90%, very similar as in Taiwan. Of course the temperature range (roughly between 0 and 25 °C, with peaks of 5 – 10 degrees below and above) and fluctuations are different, though generally you can say that the Dutch have more problems to face in creating good buildings according to the latest health and energy efficiency standards. Many of their solutions are therefor highly applicable for Taiwan.

Purple Leaf brings techniques and materials from north-west Europe, the area with the most advanced building technology in the world, and the most innovative countries.

What is our aim ?

Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions when building comfortable and healthy spaces for living, working, studying, leisure or public use.

For Taiwan, where ‘green’ and energy saving building is already popular and being promoted by the government, we believe that our typical European approach of bringing integral solutions, can be applied on existing buildings as well as new ones, and that this will lead to very comfortable and healthy places to be in.

How do we accomplish that ?

To start with, we apply a Swiss brand equipment for filtered air refreshment, dehumidifying, cooling and heating if wanted. The integrated design and simplicity of it works highly efficient. We install the central machine in either new or exisiting buildings. There is a wide range available, for small homes or offices, as well for all kinds of bigger spaces or uses.

Different from others, we do not propagate natural ventilation, simply because Taiwan’s climate is too humid and in fact it allows to enter a number of other unwanted aspects into buildings, as dust, pollen, bugs, noise and often simply too much of the outside temperature and humidity.

With our unique ventilation systems (also including a state of the art air distribution system) we bring filtered oxygen-rich dehumidified fresh air into the buildings, and remove superfluous carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Apart from bringing a higher comfort and healthier inside climate, the integrated counter flow air-to-air energy exchanger reduces the energy use of the AC installation dramatically.

Furthermore, we have many other modern and extreme energy efficient solutions for the indoor climate, for every type of building or use, in stand-alone or central versions.

Either having it cool inside in summer, or warm in winter, the principle of isolating a building is the same. In simple terms of energy potentials; we will separate the outer and inner temperature as much as possible, to avoid interfering on each other.

Although hardly applied in Taiwan, thermal insulation will become more and more important.
We tend to compare a building here with a refrigerator; for keeping it inside cooler then outside in an efficient way it is well insulated and tightly closed to prevent loss of energy.

We supply several thin but very effective insulation systems, for indoor and outdoor applications.
We also provide highly durable thermal reflective coatings, also for indoor and outdoor application.

They block either the absorption of solar radiation into your building, or prevent energy getting lost into the inside structure. Namely, much of the energy we spend on establishing our indoor temperature level goes lost in walls and ceiling.

Preventing this also has a slowing effect on mold developing.

We also pay much attention in preventing of energy leakage via cracks and holes, and by thermal bridges.

First class German make temperature and noise insulating safety windows and doors complete the package.

For a steady and comfortable hot water supply all year around we use hybrid system water heaters that guarantee the most energy efficient way of heating the water up, and keeping it hot in a well insulated tank.

Many people regard solar water heaters as the lowest electricity consuming way, but in fact they are not. Often the hot water demand is higher then the capacity, and the reheating time is long. To compensate this flaw, built-in electric heaters are automatically switched on (unnoticed by the owners), but those are very inefficient. However they often work during long hours, for instance at longer darker or rainy periods.

Our water heaters use a reliable air-to-water heatpump as main source, supported by an integrated coil that can be connected with an additional external thermal solar panel. This results in an electricity usage of only 25-65% of that of a standard solar heater.

This and many more, in a well balanced package, or as separate products and service, is what we offer. To our conviction that you will remain more then satisfied. Feel free to ask for more information.