Unique sustainable products for a healthy inside climate

CASol is an innovative Dutch company that develops and produces products that support achieving a better indoor air quality.

Providing we don’t compare with polluted industrial areas, often the air quality in our buildings is much worse than outside due to several deficiencies of our buildings. Many solutions are found in air purification or ventilation, but these are not always adequate.

For instance, mold problems are difficult to fight and need thorough treatment. Just covering mold stains with a blocking coating will not solve the problem definitively. It will reoccur after a while, can change from location and often worsens. Chemical based treatments do seem to help, but their proven period of effectiveness is not very long. Apart from that, they can be harmful for us.

Together with German scientists, CASol developed a line of 100% organic products for treatments against mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2 and bad smells.   In comparising tests, both in laboratories as well practical situations, Casol’s products have proven not only the best cure for the problems they were applied for, but also with the long lasting results. Real situations in homes in Germany have been monitored for 3 years now, with ongoing satisfying results.


For existing MOLD problems there is Mold Buster 1, that successfully and long lasting works via a strong oxidizing process. This is an ecological friendly alternative for the standard chloride or biocide treatments. To prevent mold growth in new situations there is Mold Buster 2, a unique natural silver based anti-bacterial product. The application is between the outside wall and the plaster finish and will prevent bacterial infections of the wall surface for a very long time and thus will result in a negative conditions for mold to occur and grow.

Both version of Mold Buster work with a special Primer which exists of natural polymers that provides a maximal bond of the Mold Buster with the wall surface.

If the exisiting mold problem is severe, more drastic repair can be necessary to egalise the finishing surface again. For this we have strongly alkaline natural Lime Plaster from German origin (Ph 13,0). We also supply a damp-open Mineral Finish as final finish on the Lime Plaster.

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are always in the air you breathe. You do not or hardly smell them, but if you would inhale certain VOC’s every day, you will suffer damage from it. This can result in headaches, sometimes breathlessness and respiratory diseases. The most famous and most dangerous VOC is probably Formaldehyde *. A substance that is sometimes gasses out for years, coming from adhesives in furniture, carpets, and various plastics processed for sports shoes, furniture, even in packaging.

* In June 2011, the WHO (World Health Organisation of the United Nations) definitively determined that formaldehyde may be directly be the cause of some cancers and on and around the airways.  You can imagine that it is a substance that is more dangerous for children.

The Casol ANTI-VOC system is applied to walls and consists of 3 components which are aligned:

1: Primer
The primer is an extremely thin and transparent, positively charged biofilm. The physical properties make it possible that it penetrates deeply into the substrate and hence is impermeable to potentially harmful fibers (asbestos, PCBs, etc.), the primer is manufactured on the basis of a natural polymer and is air permeable.

2: Covering Absorber (Powder & Liquid) for walls and ceilings
The combination with the mineral Absorber Covering stucco gives a solid structure of the material and a professional fire safety class A.

3: Finish Absorber
This breathable and quick-acting finish layer or mineral paint enhances the effects of the lower two layers. It also prevents the finish forming fungi. The Casol system is completely free of contaminants.

The three unique products reinforce each other. This guarantees the excellent results of the CASol system. A clever tuning of various active ingredients per coat, based on extensive research and field testing, offers large active surfaces once the CASol system is applied the wall or ceiling. For a maximum effect, one only needs to about 25-30% of the existing wall surface in 1 room. After applying, the system dries by evaporation of water and adheres to the underlying surface, up to a specific layer. The whole remains namely vapor-open, but at the same time harmful fibers from the surface no longer penetrate into the indoor environment (think of asbestos fibers, mold spores). Furthermore the system responds immediately to harmful substances (VOCs) that are already in the indoor environment are. Tests by (German) TUV institute show that the levels of VOCs within a day after application of the product, fall well below the allowable standards. Of course, the CASol system is 100% free of harmful / poisonous substances. This is enshrined in the TUV Rheinland Certificate No ID 0000022845.2

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Little Canairy: The only reliable VOC/CO2 USB-based indicator 


It is striking that companies, factories, institutions and schools nowadays buy so many CO2 indicators. But it bothers us  that CO2 indicators are seen as the solution to the problems with the indoor climate. Apart from that, often the installed sensors and indicators do not really cover the area where people are present, and are not installed in all the rooms or spaces in a building. The latter would indeed be a large investment. Another problem is that on a fixed spot installed measuring devices will lead to inaccurate measurements after a while, even very expensive ones.

The Little Canairy is the alternative to the existing CO2 indicators. Based on the same measurement principles of the ‘Big’ Canairy from the Dutch air quality top expert and scientist/inventor Frans Rasenberg. Calibrated and adjusted to the current maximum permitted levels of CO2 and VOCs. The device measures both components. All technology is in a handy USB stick housing, including sample inlet, a driver and monitoring software. With nano-technology a tiny circuit board is developed, which controls the build-in LED indicators. To 600 ppm the light stays green, then changes to orange and if the values ​​rise to 800 ppm and above, then the light turns red.  Intentionally, the chosen values ​​are below the maximum values ​​prescribed by the government, to counter problems. After all, you will not always start ventilating by opening the windows or turning on the ventilation system at the moment the red light will start burning.

The Little Canairy can easily be connected to any USB power adapter for wall plug-in, and will perform its basic task in the direct vicinity of the user. However, it can of course also be connected with the USB connection on a desk top or laptop computer. This situation will show a wider function, as also software with graphic read out is installed on the stick.  In fact, for this purpose the stick was originally designed, in collaboration with the world famous ASML company from Holland. Technique and design from the high-tech and very professional ‘Big Canairy’ are put into this small sized derived product.4

Reliability guaranteed:
Unfortunately there are a lot of similar and small priced fake products on the market, some even look exactly the same on the outside. The quality of the build-in sensor will be accordingly. Note: Only calibrated devices have a reliable operation. Cheap copies are never calibrated.

5Our Little Canairy’s are calibrated based on Linde calibration-gases and each one is labeled by a this professional industrial gas supplier




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Brainy: Measures and controls; the unique self regulating air cleaning system

If the air quality measurements show that the existing ventilation is not sufficient to clean the indoor air, we advise to switch to the Brainy. Based on the same techniques that are incorporated in the Canairy, the Brainy continuously measures the composition of the air and also controls the associated filter / ventilation equipment. For instance: in case a big open office, or a classroom, when many persons are present, the CO2 level will increase the Brainy  automatically adjusts the CO2 filtration. The same applies to the possibility of filtering out the VOC’s, controlling the space temperature, but also the oxygen level.

The practical result is that there is always healthy fresh air. The Brainy proves it in the toughest conditions, such as a security institute where one works with toxic gases in indoor spaces, but where also lessons and instructions are given . But also in a number of public schools , which now, thanks to the Brainy not had to invest on a totally new ventilation system : a cost reduction of more than 50%! Stand-alone installation or complement to existing mechanical ventilation, both solutions are possible. Suppose in a building there are particularly serious problems in some specific areas or classrooms. The Brainy offers the possibility only treating the air in those spaces. The measuring units will be mounted in those areas, and the filter / ventilation unit can operate separately for those areas. Should it be possible that the existing mechanical ventilation can be adjusted to co-operate with the Brainy, then that is obviously a good and affordable solution. The measuring units per (class)room are then customized connected.





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Zhero: Solves bad smell problems in a natural way 

8Annoying odors, smells … everyone suffers regularly from it. What can you do, how do you get that ugly smell quickly away? Odor fresheners … smell very strong and often work only for a few hours. We often hear that these blurring and covering scents are even more irritated are than the old foul smell!

Since that our industrial TUV tested products not only work against VOC’s, but also took away odors in homes, offices, schools, storages, etc., we continued to develop an Air Cleaner in liquid form. Because it works so well!  Moreover, it is not harmful to the environment, nor for ourselves. A combination that is so unique that we proudly present Zhero! After hundreds of tests in the laboratory and in daily practice, we can say : annoying odors disappear in a natural way!

The brandname is obvious: zero smell, zero new covering but artificial and unnatural odor, zero environment harming ingredients. And we find ourselves a kind of ‘hero’ with this very competing product to that of the well known global brands.

Spray Zhero in rooms with stale air, and after a short while the air will smell fresh and neutral again. For a moment you will sense a slight vinegar smell,  associates a bit old fashioned times and thoroughness. But better still, there remains no more noticeable odor behind.

In case of stains such as oil or petrol you can spray only the spot. Then directly an ultra-thin film will form, that encapsulates everything and smells will disappear. Spray from a distance of 20cm, this prevents the layer to become too thick and form droplets that can be visible.

If spoilt, Zhero is soluble in water, clean with a sponge and water, and all will be gone.

Our testing showed very clearly that Zhero also works very well for example smoke odor to disappear. Spray Zhero on smelly clothes or fabrics like curtains, and after about 20 minutes drying all smells disappear. And of course you see nothing, Zhero is absolutely invisible.

Zhero is a natural product, and it works like this: the ingredients contain biopolymers (eg cellulosic materials) that react with the airborne odor molecules. These fall to the bottom, are now encapsulated are no longer detectable.



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