Thermo reflecting insulation material

32778b00fffb216a9d8328918664eedeIsobooster® is an innovative, high quality, multi-layered insulation foil. It is built up of multiple layers of aluminum foil, alternated with air pockets. The unique insulation technique is based on thermal reflection. Thermal reflection is the ability to reflect cold and heat effortlessly. In contrast to the traditional thick insulation materials that absorb heat, Isobooster® reflects the cold and heat. Thickness: 24~40 mm. User friendly. Multi-usage. No irritation to skin and airways. Light (350 gr/m2). Robust material. Condensation free. Sound absorption up to 20 dB(A). Insect- and rodent-proof. Recyclable. Safe. 10 year guarantee. R–Value: We compare ISOBOOSTER® to other insulation materials with the well-known R-value,calculated in accordance with international standard ISO 6946;we obtain the following results: 24 mm ISOBOOSTER® R-value: 2.4 m2 K/W, and 40 mm ISOBOOSTER® R-value: 3.4 m2 K/W.

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