High efficient and energy saving Air to Water Heatpump Domestic Waterheaters

4ef118e937ebe4d739787b3fa7a90c67The comprehensive energy consumption is only 65% of a comparable high level quality solar water heater and 25% of a standard electric water heater. Considerable saving of costs, initial investment to withdraw in short term. Wide application: for room radiant, floor heating, schools, factories, apartments, sauna, beauty salon, gym, guest house, hotel, hospital, senior residential, swimming pools, farms, greenhouse production facilities. Can replace all fuel/gas/electric boilers. Low Carbon Steel Storage Tank with Vitreous Enamel internal lining with Magnesium Anode. Externally wrapped condenser (heat exchanger) to avoid calcium scaling in hard water areas. Japanese brand Toshiba compressors to provide high performance, durability and reliability. Stainless Steel outer casing to provide better durability for externally installed Units. High Efficiency Non-CFC R134a refrigerant gas for efficiency and environmentally safe. The systems operate effectively in ambient temperatures between -15°C and +45°C. *Two (2) years warranty on the refrigerant circuit components. *Five (5) years warranty on the Storage Tank.

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