Fiwihex A24

d837338d61432886b061e361d3edebeaCooling capacity: 2.5kW with 7°C (ΔT only 5°C) cooling water (R718) > 800m3/hr airflow. Heating capacity: 4kW with 45°C (ΔT only 5°C) hot water (R718) > 800m3/hr airflow. Counter current heat exchanger with 24 cells, in an expanded polypropylene (EBP) enclosure, with radial fan. Heating and cooling of air with a very efficient energy consumption. Also suitable for replacement of existing conventional air conditioners amongst others in warehouses, schools, hotels and gyms. The Fiwihex® Alpha 24 can be installed on different locations, such as: over ceilings, between walls, below floors. Several heat exchangers, centrally located with dividing ducts. Several types of ductwork or grids can be used in the Fiwihex® Alpha 24.

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Fiwihex A96

17fd4ceec1da1779d0af4a3b3bce2e31Cooling capacity: 15kW with 7°C (ΔT only 5°C) cooling water (R718) > 3500m3/hr airflow. Heating capacity: 18kW with 45°C (ΔT only 5°C) hot water (R718) > 3500m3/hr airflow. The Fiwihex® Alpha 96 is a Very Low Temperature heating and cooling system. For heating there may be water between 25°C and 45°C and for cooling 5°C to 20°C. The heat/cold is transferred from water to the air. The heat transfer is determined by the air movement of the fans and the average temperature difference between water and air. During the cooling with a water temperature of 5-18°C condensation may occur. In that case, the rate of cooling increases drastically. The Fiwihex® Alpha 96 can be placed in a variety of positions: suspended, at the top of any open space; standing on a floor level for implementation. Special application for greenhouses.

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Fiwihex Delta 30

5a55014499fe416e387fa5a49fb795c9Cooling capacity: 1.5kW with 7°C (ΔT only 5°C) cooling water (R718) with airflow 11 ltr/sec. Heating capacity: 2kW with 45°C (ΔT only 5°C) hot water (R718) with airflow 11 ltr/sec. Power supply: 100-240V(AC) 47-63Hz. Counter current heat exchanger with 30 cells and 5 (12V) PWM fans. For cooling and heating of air with very low energy consumption. Suitable as replacement for conventional aircon, in hotels, offices, schools, apartments and houses. Wall mounted. Several design covers are available.

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