Courtyard house – Beijing

In the Nanluoguxiang area close to the lakes in the center of Beijing is our realization of the first zero energy courtyard house. Respecting the inheritance of the area, we used mainly ancient Chinese courtyard architecture, local materials and toiler, but we implemented modern technology to establish the first zero energy courtyard as well to fulfill all client`s amenities. Most of the energy is solar powered. The whole inside volume has a permanent venting system with integrated heat exchanger, fine filter, humidifier (winter) and dehumidifier (summer), to guarantee a healthy inside climate with up to 62% more oxygen compared to standard similar houses. As a courtyard, the building style and the courtyard set up give it quietness and the possibility of inside and outside living with high privacy, as well modern high standard living quality. This building needs 73% less primary energy and we spend only 18% more to realize it.

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