Low energy house – Beijing

The wish of our client was to realize a healthier home for his large family and saving as much as possible energy, to have an environmental friendly but still comfortable house. It became the first zero energy house in Beijing area , producing all energy itself. All chosen materials were as much as possible from recycled sources and environmental friendly. The walls were highly insulated, windows got triple glazed and were mounted in the insulation layer, solar-thermal collectors on the roof produce all the energy for hot water and with an additional heat pump and a buffer tank they provide the small amount of energy required for cooling and heating. This house needs ~ 23 kW/sqm a year – all other villas in this area around Beijing require ~ 260 – 350 kW/sqm a year.

The whole building is: -Providing a higher long term value of property ~ 40 – 50 % -Reducing the total cost of ownership -No worry for energy austerity -Reduces the maintenance and energy cost to almost zero -Reduces the total cost of living -Providing clean filtered air inside and similar temperatures in every room.

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